Many of us reach a point in our lives when we believe it’s time to start thinking about refreshing our appearance to combat the ageing process; it isn’t anything to be ashamed over. Looking after your appearance and making sure you feel comfortable in your own skin is something many people do every day. At AZ Aesthetics we want to make this process easier for you, by providing our customers with the opportunity to undergo cosmetic dermal filler treatments, so as to combat the effects of ageing. We ensure all of our work is done at the highest standards of quality and professionalism, whilst keeping the costs modest for you.

Facial dermal fillers are either natural or synthetic injectable products which work by restoring facial volume or combating wrinkles and lines on the face, be it lip fillers you choose or forehead fillers. Administered only by our trained professionals, our lip filler procedures and other facial fillers take place in Essex, along with our other services and procedures; our clinic is located within the modern Clements Hall Leisure Centre in Hawkwell. The effects and results of dermal fillers are instant; you should immediately see a noticeable difference in your face after the procedure, commonly the removal of deep lines and wrinkles in the face. They can last on average between four to eight months, but can vary between individuals; what’s even better is that you can have the filler injections and go about your day almost immediately, something which can differ with many other cosmetic procedures.

We believe that feeling comfortable within yourself and your appearance is important for your health, which is why we want to provide our customers with only the highest quality procedures and products that are delivered by fully trained and experienced experts; you’re in safe hands with us. Our prices are also extremely competitive, and we charge by the syringe as well as the strength and longevity of the cosmetic dermal filler product. So, if you’re looking for dermal fillers for forehead lines, or perhaps a refresh of the skin around your lips or your eyes, then look no further than AZ Aesthetics. If you have further queries or concerns about our services and procedures then please, don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our contact form, phone call or email; we’re always happy to discuss potential procedures and dermal filler treatments with our clients.