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We all spend time considering our outward appearance. We each individually think of ways to enhance and improve it.  The types of treatments and cosmetics available therefore are as varied as the day is long.

Before we go into talking about these treatments we need to recognise a truth.  When it comes to invasive treatments and procedures, there are always risks involved, and whatever course you choose to take, you should only put yourself in the hands of a trained professional cosmetic team.  Listen to the advice and suggestions of your chosen cosmetics team, who will have been trained and are licenced to administer injections as a beauty product.

Why do we develop lines and wrinkles?

Repeated compression of the skin by the muscles can add to the chances of wrinkles developing on the surface of our bodies.  For example, laughter lines are brought about by repeated movement of our muscles into a certain pattern and shape.  We all have our unique facial features and therefore we all have our unique smile and in turn our own particular lines and wrinkles. A derma layer of skin can begin to weaken and become damaged as it repeats this process again and again, causing the line to become permanent and more pronounced.

What anti wrinkle treatments are available?

Anti wrinkle injections, commonly referred to as Botox facial injections, are the most publicised form of injectable material predominately used for the face.  In fact, since its approval, it has been used all over Britain to treat anything from a collapsed muscle inside the body, like the bowel lining or oesophagus, to wrinkles and lines developed in our face.  The anti wrinkle injection can help reverse damage from the natural ageing process or anomalies in the facial structure, such as a lazy eye or adult squints.

Injectable fillers for the face, such as injectable lip fillers, are also a popular choice in the world of cosmetic procedures, but they are sometimes mistaken as another version or term used for Botox injection. However, there is a distinct difference between the two.

What is Botox?

Botox comes from the botulinum toxin that causes paralysis, muscle weakness and inactivity.  The somewhat milder and monitored strain they use to administer anti wrinkle injections is injected into the damaged area of skin be it a wrinkle, line or crease, or even a scar. It works by helping the muscle to relax and gives the body a chance to reset itself and undo the mark or imperfection created by years of indentation of muscle structure.

What are fillers?

Some fillers employ the use of natural substances that we can already find in the bodies system such as collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite, while others employ the use of tried and tested synthetics such as liquid silicone.  All injectable fillers for the face, work by replenishing the chemicals that provide bounce and elasticity for the skin.  This is where it is perfect for plumping up, or adding to the lips.


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